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HMRC cases can often involve the use of English law and cross border legislation. With a network of European and American lawyers MJP solicitors are capable of ensuring the best possible outcome.

Customs and Revenues Solicitors

MJP solicitors have been involved in the defence of every type of Customs & Excises prosecution from missing trader VAT conspiracies and money laundering to the importation of Class A drugs. The powers possessed by Customs officers far exceed those of the police but have different limitations which are often overlooked by the high street criminal practitioner.

Further advice on tax offences can be found on our dedicated website.

HMRC Prosecutions

Customs cases often involve dealing not only with English law but also cross border legislation. Over the years, MJP solicitors have developed a network of European and American lawyers to represent those elements of a case that do not fall within in the UK jurisdiction. Often in Customs cases, it is vital to be able to put together a pan jurisdictional team who are used to working together to ensure the best possible outcome. We are confident that we have the cross border connections required to deal with these types of matters. If you have this type of problem, talk initially to Mark Jones.

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MJP solicitors provide advice and representation on all Revenue and Customs matters throughout England and Wales particularly in Liverpool (including The Wirral), London and the North West.

Specialist advice for any investigation into HM Revenue & Customs matters can be given by one of our experienced solicitors.

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